Monthly archives: June 2013

Roger Wheeler State BeachItching for SummerNarragansett RI

I've said it before, I'll say it again; I am a summer girl through and through. The night of the Galbraith Family session was so gorgeous, the girls and I hung around a little longer to absorb the beautiful weather and embrace the start of the approaching summer season! Granted, it didn't feel much like summer this night, but after the long winter we had, a portrait o[...]

Roger Wheeler State BeachGalbraith FamilyNarragansett RI

There's nothing like a beachy, sunny, gorgeous late day to host a beautiful family portrait. Enter Dave and his ladies! You wouldn't know it, but I was dressed in layer upon layer on this late April evening (disclaimer: I'm inherently cold.), and the Galbraiths were rock stars posing in the chilly air while I was shivering like a whimp! Nonetheless, the brisk yet pict[...]