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I love weddings. Kind of obvious, I know…I AM a wedding photographer, after all. And even moreso, I love family weddings. And I love SHOOTING family weddings! On that same subject, I am continually asked why I like to shoot family weddings, rather than just sit back, relax, and enjoy? Well first, I love weddings. Doh! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Second, I still get to be a guest AND do the job I love to do! What’s better than that? And finally, I’m lucky enough to have a special role in the wedding day of a someone with whom I have a personal connection and shared experiences.  And if you haven’t guessed by now, there is a family wedding comin’ at ya! My cousin Mike married his lovely bride Martha in New Hampshire on a mildy rainy afternoon that did not put a damper on the day’s festivities whatsoever. Beginning with a sweet and sentimental ceremony, Mike and Martha’s day was a relaxed and rustic affair that ended with a super fun dance party that kept guests lively and entertained all night!

[On a side note, I was not the only family memeber who helped to create a more personal atmosphere on Mike and Martha’s wedding day: our cousin Ryan officiated the ceremony, Ryan’s wife Laurie assisted with all the bridesmaid’s hair, Martha’s makeup was applied by my sister Michelle, and Mike’s sister Nicole’s lake house was the setting for their rehearsal dinner.]

Wedding day credits/ Meadow Wind Bed & Breakfast// Sassy & Classy// David’s Bridal// Ross Simons// Lake Regions Tent


























Congratulations Mike and Martha! Wishing you endless happiness, love and joy throughout your marriage!!