Monthly archives: April 2014

Newborn LukeWarwick RI

Baby Luke is the sweet and adorable son of my cousin Ryan and his lovely wife Laurie. Unlike most parents-to-be, they chose to be surprised by the gender of their baby, which incidentally triggered a family wide baby pool. Many laid down their predictions, but alas only one intuitive cousin would be victorious in her assumptions! You guessed it! It was me!! Nailed it [...]

The TowersSarah + MarkNarragansett RI

Sarah and Mark's seaside winter wedding was nothing short of unique, fun and inspirational. Between the numerous T-shirt changes and the ceremonial "unity whiskey," their wedding was one for the books! This couple could seriously teach a class on injecting your distinct personality and interests into your wedding atmosphere. (Wedding Creativity 101? Follow up course: [...]