Private HomeCloxton Family ReunionNorth Kingstown RI

It’s so important to have memories of really special events that only come along once every few years – give or take five or ten or how ever many it takes to make it happen! My friend Dave is from RI but lives in Florida, and he comes to visit every year or so to see his friends and family. This year was special for them because they all got together for a family reunion, and well, of course, they needed a big family photo! Enter moi. It was a great, casual affair with some pool fun, volleyball, and lots and lots of food!  Dave’s family are good people and I was happy to document their momentous occasion! Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0001 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0002 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0003 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0004 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0005 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0006 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0007Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0011Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0009 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0010Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0008 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0012 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0013 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0014 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0015Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0027Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0020 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0016 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0017 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0018 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0019 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0026 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0022 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0024 Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0025