Beazley BoysWatch Hill RI

Is there anything more fun than riding a carousel, frolicking in the ocean, and eating yummy ice cream cones? I’d say no. And if you agree, you are in for a treat with this next post! Tanner and Brady, the sweet, adorable sons of my very good friend Amiee, made my job easy! (I may suggest to every family that the promise of ice cream at the end of your shoot will register great portrait results!) I see Amiee and her family about once a year, since they live in Colorado, so it was really great to have this time to spend with her and her boys down in Watch Hill on this gorgeous summer day. (Some cute, little blue-eyed girls may have snuck their way into this session as well.)

*Side note: Amiee was the winner of my “favorite U2 song” contest. It pays to play.

**Side side note: My girls and I may or may not have taken the opportunity to check out Taylor Swift’s house while we were in the area. We may or may not have been asked if we were from TMZ. (“Why, yes, yes, I always bring my pint sized paparazzi posse with me while scouring for the oodles of celebrities that permeate Rhode Island!”)

Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0001 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0002 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0003 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0004 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0005 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0006 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0007 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0008 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0009 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0010 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0011 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0012 Watch_Hill_Rhode_Island_portrait_photo_0013