Seaport HotelKate + RyanBoston MA

If you are interested in seeing an adorable couple, a chic city setting and a huge — and I mean HUGE party, then you’ve come to the right wedding! Kate and Ryan and a bazillion family and friends tore it up in Boston on a gorgeous fall day. I have yet to see a dance floor more packed with partiers and dance maniacs all night long! There were reports abounding that there would be a certain someone in a white dress (??) performing the worm on said dance floor this illustrious night, but I personally have yet to confirm such rumors. Anyone care to share?? My hope is that it DID happen and that SOMEONE out there with an iPhone documented what I can only imagine was an insanely awesome sight. Congratulations Kate and Ryan! It was an honor and a pleasure!

Thanks to the amazingly talented Janet for second shooting with me as always!

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