Monthly archives: March 2015

Birthday girl, birthday girl

It's true what they say: you blink, and all of a sudden you have a ten year old. And what a great ten year old she is. I love her determination, her silliness, and her devotion to animals. She's smart and sweet, and so thoughtful. She made me a mom, and I am prouder of nothing more than that. She'll try anything once; and she'll keep on trying until she can't try [...]

Our Momentslate 2014

I've been meaning to share some of these photos for, oh, say six months! Can you say, behind on blogging? Anyway, I'm all caught up and happy for you to see some of the photos from some of our 2014 events - summer photo shoots, first day of school, milestone birthday parties, Christmas day.... Many of these pics are from a time when the sun shone and the air was warm,[...]