Beachy Rhode Island Family Portrait | Burri FamilyNarragansett RI

There’s nothing more fitting than a quintessential beach portrait in the Ocean State — wouldn’t you agree? It’s definitely a favorite among Rhode Islanders, and generally a recipe for success! Liz and her family live in Ohio now, but she is a former Rhode Islander, so it’s no surprise that she wanted a seaside family session! I met up with The Burri family (with superbly well-behaved children — always worth a mention!) at Roger Wheeler State Beach, where the glowy light lives and you simply cannot beat the sunset!

Liz, Eric, Andrew and Jane…it was a pleasure!

Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0001 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0002 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0003 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0004 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0005 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0006 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0007 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0008 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0009 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0010 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0011 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0012 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0013 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0014 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0015 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0016 Rhode_Island_beach_portrait_photo_0017

  • janet said:

    simply beautiful!