Rhode Island Baby Bump Session | Jess + Katie

My friends Jess and Katie are having a baby and I could not be happier for them! (Jess is the cute preggo sporting the belly bump.) These two are going to be amazing moms and I am so excited for them to begin this new chapter in their lives. [If you are following, I shot Jess and Katie’s wedding in 2014, and you can see that here.] Their relationship has always been something to admire, something that makes you believe in the integrity of love. Ok, I’m starting to get mushy, so I’m going to have to quit while I am ahead! Congrats to these mommies-to-be as they anticipate the arrival of their sweet son!

Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0001 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0002 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0003 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0004 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0005 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0006 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0007 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0008 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0009 Rhode_Island_maternity_photo_0010

  • Noelle said:

    I'm so excited for Chapman and Jess! You did an amazing job capturing their happiness!!! :)


  • Tiffany said:

    what a beautiful photo shoot!! Jess and Katie are such beautiful people both individually and as a couple; they're going to be the BEST moms!! <3