Beachy Portrait Session in Narragansett | Friedman Family

Ah, Rhode Islanders. We love our ocean. We love our beaches. We love our summers. And our visitors love all that goodness too. And they get their portraits done by the shore and life is good. (For now, until January. When life is just a big cold pile of snow. But don’t get me started on that.) Back to the glorious summer time….

I met the Friedman family down in Narragansett during their vacation and we had a blast hanging by the ocean, being silly, frolicking in the water, eating delicious popsicles….oh yeah, and taking pictures! They are a lovely family with happy, energetic little girls that enjoyed getting their photos taken just as much as I enjoyed snapping them!

And thank you to my friend Christie of Azure Photography for the referral!

family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0001 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0002 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0003 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0004 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0005 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0006 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0007 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0008 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0009 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0010 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0011 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0012 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0013 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0014 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0015 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0016 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0017 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0018 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0019 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0020 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0021 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0022 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0023 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0024 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0025 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0026 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0027 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0028 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0029 family_beach_portrait_narragansett_RI_0030

  • christie said:

    so many priceless moments! great job lisa, I am so happy they have these. finally some family photos to update the last ones before nora entered the world! just amazing!

  • lisa said:

    Aww thanks christie! that means so much!