Vow Renewal + Anniversary Celebration | Carol + Tom

Fifty years of marriage is an achievement that is not easily attainable….but when it is earned, a celebration of this triumph is certainly in order. Carol and Tom’s lovely family held a sentimental and touching vow renewal at the All Saints Memorial Church in Providence where they were married fifty years ago. Readings by their children honored their commitment to their marriage and their devotion to their family. Tears, laughter and musings of times passed were woven into the fabric of this celebration. A dinner reception at 1149 Restaurant following the vow renewal was held for family and friends to further honor and appreciate the magnitude of fifty years of marriage, and the dedicated love of Carol and Tom.

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  • Denise and Ron Behm said:

    What a wonderful celebration for such a wonderful couple. Congratulations to you both. What a wonderful family you have-so much dedication. Love to you Both.

  • Bob Brown said:

    So happy for you both. You are the friends everyone would like to have. Know the vow renewal had to be a highlight of your year. Love you both.

  • Cynthia said:

    What a lovely celebration for a wonderful couple. You love just glows through constantly. You are not only an inspiration to others but you raised neat caring thoughtful friends.