Preparing for your Engagement Session | Tips for the bride + groom

Engagement sessions are a great way to gain some practice for your couple photos on your wedding day. They are also a great way for us to learn about one another. For me, I am able to see how you interact together as a couple: if you are romantic and affectionate, fun and energetic, or high fashion and blue steel, you know….like Zoolander? Ha. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your engagement session is a great experience.

Have your hair and makeup done.
Ladies, let’s face it, when we are having a great hair day, and our makeup is on point, we look good and we feel good, and that’s really what it’s all about – feeling your best. If you feel your best, you will exude that attitude, and yes, that will shine through in your photos.

Try on your outfits ahead of time.
This one is important because if you are uncomfortable in your clothes, that too, will be apparent in your photos. It generally suggested that you bring at least two outfits for your session in order to provide some variation in your photos, so make sure apparel choices allow you to maintain movement, provide coverage where needed, and are suitable for the environment. [Side note: don’t forget to complete your outfit with accessories! Adding interest to your attire will add interest to your photos as well!]

Consider your location thoughtfully.
I always encourage my couples to try to select a location that has meaning or importance to their lives or love story. If your first date was at a carnival, why not use that as inspiration for your engagement session? Obviously it makes a statement about you as a couple, so using this location as a setting for your shoot would be relevant and symbolic. Was your proposal on the beach at sunset? Maybe your family owns a farm and you are reminded of your childhood when you are there. All these little things can be motivation for selecting your e-session location! But have no fear, if you are not that sentimental, I am happy to make some awesome recommendations!

Don’t forget to relax.
These sessions are supposed to be fun and enjoyable! No one is expecting you to be a professional model. The most important thing here is that you interact naturally together and that we get to know each other!