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A year in photos | 2016

Let's face it, 2016 had it's ups and downs. And as far as the "ups" go....a lot of amazing people got married, some celebrated their families with portraits, and some were just frozen in time in the "moment." And I was lucky enough to capure it! So here's a recap of a ton of the good that was 2016... Thank you also to Janet Moscarello Photography and Christie of Az[...]

Best of 2015 | New England Weddings, Portraits + Lifestyle Sessions

It's already mid-January, so I'm a bit late to the game, but better late than never, right? The past year was a little bit light for LFP, but I am always so grateful for all the wedding and portrait clients I have, whether it's 5 or 50. As you know, I routinely get the wonderful opportunity to work with my friend Janet as a second shooter, and she graciously allowed m[...]

Rhode Island Tradition | Apple Picking in fallNorth Kingstown RI

By now, we are entrenched in the season of fall. I mean, personally, it's getting too close for comfort to winter for me, but I'm working on accepting that, yet I do every time my beloved season of summer ends. But yes, there ARE things I do like about fall: vibrant and colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, butternut squash soup, and of course, apple picking. Wh[...]