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Silverstein Family Portrait | Melrose MA

Photographing families is always a pleasure, and even moreso when they are your friends! It's crazy when you know someone in college and then fast forward a bunch of years later and bam!....married with a family! One minute you're taking a photo of your friend dressed for Halloween as Where's Waldo, and the next minute you're photographing him with the wife and kids! [...]

Spring Mini Sessions

OK guys, yes, moms love to get flowers and chocolate and plants for Mother’s Day…..and dads like to get Home Depot gift cards and landscaping tools and ties for Father’s Day (ok, maybe not ties), but how much would they appreciate a great family photo session? I’ll tell you — a lot! It’s super thoughtful, irreplaceable, and long lasting! So please contact me or Janet [...]

A year in photos | 2016

Let's face it, 2016 had it's ups and downs. And as far as the "ups" go....a lot of amazing people got married, some celebrated their families with portraits, and some were just frozen in time in the "moment." And I was lucky enough to capure it! So here's a recap of a ton of the good that was 2016... Thank you also to Janet Moscarello Photography and Christie of Az[...]