Will you be the photographer at our wedding? Do you come with an assistant? Yes, I am always the photographer shooting the weddings. I do not subcontract my weddings to any other photographers, and I only shoot one event per day, guaranteeing my presence at your affair. I always come with at least one second shooter, who is, more often than not, a professional photographer as well.

Does your assistant take photographs as well? My second shooter (assistant) also shoots consistently at the wedding. This allows us to obtain images from different perspectives and /or locations, and is particularly helpful if something important is happening in two different areas at the same time.

How would you describe your photography style? My style is a blend of photojournalism with hint of a classic yet artistic approach. I want your wedding images to be a natural, honest account of the emotion and energy that was felt on your day, so I take each moment in stride and keep my lens on you at all times.

What is the timeline for receiving wedding images and albums? Your online proof gallery is generally available four to six weeks after your wedding date. USB flash drives are delivered six months after the wedding date. Albums are usually available three to four months after the date your album is ordered.

How does the album design process work? It is your job to initiate contact regarding your wedding album once you have received your images via your online gallery. I will recommend an image range (ex. 60-75) based on the size of the album you have chosen, and at that point you will select your images. After the design is released to you, you are allowed three rounds of revisions before a fee is assessed. Once the design is approved, the album will go into production and will be available 4-6 weeks later. Please note that your album will be subject to a fee due to increases in yearly production costs if your album has not been created within one year of your gallery release.

How many weddings do you shoot per year? I shoot no more than 20 weddings each year. I am a mom and wife, so my time is also spent with my family. However, I strive to devote as much time as possible to provide you with the highest quality images and products, and in doing so, I tend to only accept a limited number of weddings.

How do you approach payment? Once you decide to book your wedding date with me, a $1000 retainer and signed contract are required to reserve your day. You have two options regarding payment: the balance may be paid in full one week before the wedding date, or, I will institute a payment plan in the contract set for three payments in monthly installments beginning three months before your wedding. The final payment, like the first payment option, will be due the week before your wedding date.

Can I pay you on the day of the wedding? I strongly advise against accepting payment on the wedding day. I prefer to handle the business aspects of your wedding separately so I can focus on my job and purpose for the day, and so that you can relax and enjoy the valuable moments that you have to spend with family and friends.