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A year in photos | 2016

Let's face it, 2016 had it's ups and downs. And as far as the "ups" go....a lot of amazing people got married, some celebrated their families with portraits, and some were just frozen in time in the "moment." And I was lucky enough to capure it! So here's a recap of a ton of the good that was 2016... Thank you also to Janet Moscarello Photography and Christie of Az[...]

Beachy Portrait Session in Narragansett | Friedman Family

Ah, Rhode Islanders. We love our ocean. We love our beaches. We love our summers. And our visitors love all that goodness too. And they get their portraits done by the shore and life is good. (For now, until January. When life is just a big cold pile of snow. But don't get me started on that.) Back to the glorious summer time.... I met the Friedman family down in N[...]