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Baby Jack’s Newborn PhotosEast Greenwich RI

Baby Jack's newborn photo session at home was another new chapter in the M family portrait series! Jack's dad Ryan is my cousin, and I have photographed this family from their engagement session to their first family portrait when they were just a party of three. Now a party of four, with two adorable sons to love, it is an honor to be a part of each important milesto[...]

Newborn ElenaCranston RI

Where to begin with baby Elena...First, she is my niece, so I'm super excited about having a new baby in the family! Oh yeah! Then I can get my baby fix without actually having to do all the nitty gritty new parent stuff --- um, like, not sleeping! (But best of luck to my sis though.)  ;)  Second, she was born 3 1/2 weeks early, so she's been giving our family a run f[...]

Newborn LukeWarwick RI

Baby Luke is the sweet and adorable son of my cousin Ryan and his lovely wife Laurie. Unlike most parents-to-be, they chose to be surprised by the gender of their baby, which incidentally triggered a family wide baby pool. Many laid down their predictions, but alas only one intuitive cousin would be victorious in her assumptions! You guessed it! It was me!! Nailed it [...]